Inspiration works in mysterious ways

I’ve only half come to terms with the fact that I can start writing a story in my head as a way to fall asleep. Since I’ve written really good stuff – well, I think so, anyway – during the day and get all keyed up about it, I don’t fully understand why it doesn’t work the same way at night.

Somehow, when I’m laying in bed and trying to ignore dog/husband/child snoring or get my mind to stop composing to-do lists for the following day, it’s easy to find characters and dialogue that not only fit for a story (either new or one in progress) but also lull me to Dreamland.

I’m not complaining, mind you. It’s great to have a strategy for those moments when sleep eludes me – they come far too often with a toddler and small baby – and if there’s no other opportunity during the day to let my mind wander to storywriting, at least I’ve got a bit of a creative outlet built in.

Now to solve the mystery of how my brain remembers what I create late at night…



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