Writing for the Dinner Table

I can’t remember the exact motivation behind my first story, but I do know that it led to a life-long obsession with writing. The Hole in the Road, my second grader attempt at a New York Times Best-seller, led me into a whole new world. I can still vaguely recall the hours spent in my room with my dictionary, scratching out the story on notebook paper- the piles of wadded up mistakes around the trash can, the bin full of markers for my illustrations, the pink yarn that I used to bind the pages together… I surely grinned with pride when I unveiled my work at the dinner table.

There’s nothing quite like that feeling for me- pouring myself onto paper. As the words come out, I not only explore myself, I explore the world. The galaxies I cannot travel to, the people I will never meet, the history I was not present to witness… nothing is off limits. I can create whatever universe I please and become whoever I wish to be. Writing is the “Welcome” doormat to my creativity.

Whether or not my work ever ends up making it beyond the dinner table, I know that writing will always be something I cherish (even when my characters stubbornly refuse to cooperate with the plot or my computer mysteriously loses the story I spent the entire afternoon working on…) The sense of accomplishment and pride writing brings will long keep me coming back for more!



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