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As Summer Fades

I’m ready for fall. Summers are wonderful, but autumn in Ohio is hard to beat. The cicadas hum amidst their leafy homes. The air gently gathers that perfectly cool crispness. The sun starts to set a little earlier in the evening. Slowly, the trees begin to shift from their lush yellow-greens to deep autumn oranges and reds. Change sets in all around as children make their way back to school, and the lawn chairs and water toys find their place back in the attic.

This summer has brought about many changes in my life. I was laid off from my job after several years. A close family member passed away. I had the incredible opportunity to travel to the West Coast to meet one of my favorite authors and an amazing group of dear friends. My boyfriend and I moved in with his parents a few hours away to try to get our commingled butts on the right track. He began a new job. I began seeking out new opportunities with my craft hobbies. I found a new library to scour (while this wasn’t the best part of my summer, it was right up there!)

While many of these changes have already made positive impacts on my life, I still find myself longing for the comfortable changes- the familiar and simpler and natural ones that take place each year as summer fades. I’m ready for the warm colors- the burnt oranges and cranberry reds. I’m ready to go to the park and watch the leaves fall. I’m ready to pack away the tank tops and mosquito-inviting shorts. I’m ready to curl up on the couch with a bowl full of chili and a football game on the TV. I’m even ready to eat a bag full of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups all by myself on Halloween if the trick-or-treaters don’t show up.

The season of fall is, without a doubt, a season of transformation and change. As I look forward into the next few months, I am reminded that I will surely undergo the same in my own life. Though the word change causes a panicked reaction in my head, I believe I can find peace in the reliability of the natural world around me. My life is undergoing many twists and turns, but I am ready. I’m ready for fall!